About US

HADES Defense Systems Ltd. is a Bulgarian startup company combining innovation and more than 140 years of defense industry tradition, focused in development of high-tech precision and cost-effective weapon and security systems designed for military and general application for protection of critical infrastructure. We work in close co-operation, including contractual manufacturing, with the best-in-business Bulgarian and foreign suppliers. Our target markets are Europe and Asia.

HADES Defense Systems Ltd. delivers universal solutions for short range detection, jamming and destruction of aerial targets, ground targets and manpower. We also offer modernization and full integration of national air-defense units into automated systems (IADS), electronic counter-measures against IED and communications, drone-systems for mapping and securing of mine fields. We also supply programmable ammunition of various calibers and types.

Alongside our high-tech weapon systems and ammunition, we deliver a wide variety of standard weapons and ammunition from cal. 5,45mm to 155 mm.

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