Nem-600 Jet Drone
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Operational Features

Wingspan: 2000 mm
Maximum Velocity: 600km/h
Maximum range: 190km
Maximum altitude: 4500m

Take off: Catapult or take-off track
Auto pilot operated and guided
Target coordinates preset and programmable
Fight plan according to uploaded 3D map
For all regions. including urban areas with accuracy to 0.5m.


Flight Features

  • “Follow the terrain” mode at low altitude and high velocity to prevent radar detection and targeting.
  • Any other flight plan to be uploaded.
  • Random loitering near the target and on-top attack mode available

HEAT warhead on board to penetrate 800 mm of RHA

No active signal transmission and reception and therefore no jamming possible.

Radar detection prevention:

  • Small reflective surface
  • Low altitude and high velocity flight
  • Radio wave transparent materials are used and therefore little or no reflection towards the enemy radar is achieved
  • Radio wave absorbent insulation for the inner metal components to further decrease the reflection towards the enemy radar.