nem-600 jet drone

Nem-600 Jet Drone
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The Nemesis is a jet-propelled kamikaze-attack Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) designed to combat a wide-range of armoured targets, capable of penetrating up to 800mm of Rolled Homogenous Armour (RHA) with its nose-mounted HEAT warhead. The system is fit for service across all regions and weather conditions, including urban areas, and with a hit accuracy of up to 0.5 meters, it can deliver its payload with surgical precision while minimising collateral damage.

At a top speed of up to 450 km/h, and a maximum altitude celling of 6,000 meters, the NEM-600 can easily outperform propeller-based loitering munition systems, as well as most jet-propelled suicide drones. With a communications range of 50km and a flight endurance of 70km, the Nemesis ideal for close-range tactical operations and strategic target elimination. Take-off is achieved via catapult launcher, allowing quick and efficient battlefield deployment, either off the ground or via mobile delivery platforms.

Once in the air, the NEM-600 has several tactical features such as a “Follow the Terrain” mode at low altitude and high velocity to prevent radar detection and targeting. Outfitted with near-target loitering features, programmable flight paths, and auto-pilot and guided flight modes – the Nemesis is versatile and can be frictionlessly introduced into existing arsenals to meet modern defensive needs.

The drone is designed and manufactured with multiple built-in radar prevention measures. It has a compact frame with a small reflective surface and a wingspan of 3,500mm (a smaller 2,500mm variant is also available), a body constructed entirely of radio wave transparent materials and radio wave absorbent insulation is applied to all internal metal and electronic components – achieving little-to-no reflection towards enemy radar systems. When coupled with the drone’s low altitude, high velocity and high manoeuvrability – the Nemesis is exceedingly difficult to detect and intercept.