Radar traceable NON-LINEAR tail marked projectile

  • The marker not being part of a live or any electric circuit
  • Does not contain any active transmitters or receivers
  • The marker passively transforms the radar signal and the antenna receives it
  • Hard to detect transformed signal reverse diagram – towards the radar antenna and not towards the target

    Radar correctable projectile trajectory

The first investigative shot trajectory serves as a weather balloon and performs like an invisible tracer regardless of the visibility, distance and weather conditions. Based on that first data, the radar and computer correct fire fir the next shots.

    Invisible to the aircraft and pilot

  • Ability of the neighboring batteries to use the ballistic statistics of only one shot fired.
  • Velocity: 950-970 m/sec
  • Maximum firing range: 4 500 m when HEI projectiles are NON-LINEAR Radar guided, direct radar visibility is available and ballistic curve is employed.