RP-24 MLRS System

The RP-24 Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) is a defensive missile pod anti-air system designed to combat low-flying aerial targets such as drones and helicopters. Complete with a targeting camera, fire control system and electronic programmable fuses (time fuse) with a detonation accuracy of 1 millisecond for HE fragmentation munitions. The system can be used as a stationary or towable component in a static defensive grid or a mounted on the body of a car, a light armoured vehicle or armoured combat vehicle, such as an IFV, for mobile defensive purposes.

The RP-24 is a cost-effective air defence solution, as it utilises relatively inexpensive munitions, such as the S-5 anti-air 57mm calibre missiles. The system can deliver both HEAT and HE Fragmentation ordinance, making it suitable to counter a wide range of airborne targets – form larger more heavily armoured single-targets such a helicopters or heavy drones, to multiple light armoured targets such as drone swarms or loitering munitions. The RP-24 comes in two variants – a single rocket pod with 24 missile tubes weighing 150 kg and a twin-pod with double the capacity at 48 missiles, with a weight of 300 kg and adjustable elevation for each individual rocket block.