Sentry Radar

The Sentry Continuous Wave (CW) Radar is a Mechanical and an Electronic scanning Radar for automatic detection and monitoring of incoming potential threats over land, sea and air. The radar can detect both small and large land and seaborne objects such as humans, animals, vehicles and vessels. Moreover, it can spot low-flying small and large aerial objects, including unmanned vehicles – UVS and UAVs of all types, profiles and sizes. The system also has Radar Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) and Electronic Counter-Counter Measures (ECCM) available.

The radar operates in two distinct modes: an Observational 360° degree mechanical scanning mode and a 90° degree azimuth sector electronic scanning mode. Once targets are detected by the mechanical scanning mode, the radar can stop and focus in the direction of the targets to start electronic scanning monitoring and tracking of the targets. Once locked in, target detection mode is automatic as well as the detection itself, with target coordinates registered and displayed on the radar’s operator display screen. Their location on the GIS is reported and the targets are classified by size and speed. When reporting the location of the discovered objects on the GIS, the altitudes of the targets are also taken into account to deliver 3D location coordinates