SKADS (Soft Kill Anti-Drone System)


The Soft-Kill Anti-Drone System (SKADS) is designed to disable hostile UAVs and disrupt communications as well as the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signal over larger areas to protect critical infrastructure objects. The SKADS is outfitted with both radar and radar-jamming technology in order to fulfil its mission designation to automatically detect highly manoeuvrable aerial targets with a small effective reflective surface in a high altitude and velocity range, under intense radio interferences conditions with high accuracy characteristics

The package includes a man-portable radar, an electro-optical (TV/IR) observation system and a radio frequency jammer. The system comes in a 20 ft portable container (5.898m Long x 2.352m Wide x 2.393m High) functioning as its control centre and is fully equipped with Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and a 3.0 kW power generator with a 120/240v Single-Phase electric output. The command centre and all onboard systems weigh approximately 2,600 kg and can be easily relocated when necessary.

The on-board detection system employs a continuous wave man-portable 3D radar with Doppler Target Evaluation and Classifications. It is fully compatible with Command and Control (C2) Systems and MIL810F Standard complaint. SKADS also utilises a Directed Jamming Antenna with a Hemisphere Jamming Diagram. With an active jamming radius of typically 3km, the system is capable of disrupting up to 50 targets simultaneously via FRG and TDCS techniques. The system also has a Frequency Separation Option with a range of 10 separate GNSS, GSM and communication bands, with GNSS jamming capability including GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU, IRNSS and QZSS