The Guard is a 3D Pulse Detection Radar designed for automatic detection and tracking of a wide-range of land-based and airborne targets. The radar excels in detection of highly manoeuvrable aerial targets with small reflective surface area such as modern Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and incoming missiles as well as larger aerial targets including fighter jets and helicopters. The system can zero-in on mobile ground targets of various sizes including human signatures and vehicles of various sizes and competitions. Moreover, the Guard can detect anti-aircraft missile systems and air-defence artillery systems. The system is compact and mobile, able to change position quickly and adapt to the ever-changing objectives and needs of contemporary defence and intelligence.

The radar is a High Precision Tactical C-Band or S-Band 3D Pulse Radar with linear frequency signal modulation and electronically generated elevation angle diagram. Each beam of the electronic diagram is emitted at a different frequency and it utilises an active antenna with an electronic scanning elevation angle diagram. The carrier frequency is different at every new angle of transmission and reception, as may the transmission and reception codes optionally be – a feature which greatly improves resistivity to failure, enhancing the radar’s reliability. The main diagram is formed by data, received in parallel by all sub-diagram. Height is measured by the average data of at least two receiving diagrams.

The Guard has several customizable features available which can be added according to your operational needs such as: Radar subsystems for diagnostics and control during operation; Radar Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) and Electronic Counter-Counter Measures (ECCM); TCP /IP and ASTERIX protocol output to C2 systems and remote control.