Features of GUARD 3D Pulse Detection Radar

  • GUARD is a High Precision Tactical C-Band or S-Band 3D Pulse Radar with linear frequency signal modulation and electronically generated elevation angle diagram.
  • Each beam of the electronic diagram is emitted at a different frequency.
  • Active antenna with an electronic scanning elevation angle diagram.
  • The carrier frequency is different at every new angle of transmission and reception, as may the
    transmission and reception codes optionally be. This feature enhances the radar resistivity to failure.
  • The main diagram is formed by data, received in parallel by all sub-diagram.
  •  Height is measured by the average data of at least two receiving diagrams.
  • Radar subsystems of diagnostic and control during operation is available.
  • Radar Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) and Electronic Counter Measures (ECCM) available.
  • TCP /IP and ASTERIX protocol output to C2 systems and remote control available.




           The radar is designed for automatic detection and tracking of:

  • Highly maneuverable aerial targets with small reflective surface (UAVs and missiles)
  • Larger reflective surface aerial targets (fighter jets and helicopters)
  • Ground targets (persons, vehicles, etc.)
  • Anti-aircraft missile systems and air defense artillery systems
  • The radar is mobile and can change Its position quickly