Radar traceable NON-LINEAR tail marked HE Frag and HEAT Frag rockets

  • The marker not being part of a live or any electric circuit
  • Does not contain any active transmitters or receivers
  • The marker passively transforms the radar signal and the antenna receives it

Radar correctable rocket fire, based on the mistake data of the first rocket fired.

Radar programmable detonator inside the warhead, to detonate according to the preset rocket firing table and the target 3D radar coordinates

Radar correctable ability to infiltrate through designated doors, windows, etc. and destroy certain building sections following intelligence 3D coordinates of the building section target

Radar correctable ability to destroy missiles despite their final flight stage random maneuver strategy due to the radar programmable HE Frag proximity bursts, the warhead impact diameter and the 30 rockets available in arsenal

Ability to perform as longer range reactive artillery when NON-LINEAR Radar guided and direct radar visibility is available

Ability of the neighboring batteries to use the ballistic statistics of only one shot fired