PENV - 350


Penv-350 VTOL



  • Flight range: 30 km
  • Payload: 3 kg
  • Tactical flight height: 3000 m
  • Flight autonomy: 2-3 hours electric
  • Motor type: Electric powered by batteries Li-ion + LiPo
  • Day and night operation capability
  • Electro-Optical/IR camera, water and dust resistant
  • Requires only a small space for take-off and landing (no catapult launcher needed).
  • Motors are waterproof and dust resistance. Motors having special protecting covering in order to be pesticide resistant
  • Water resistant and capable for landing on water.
  • PENV – 350 “VTOL” is electric but can be upgraded with a petrol engine.
  • Possibility of customization according to need and purpose.
  • Purpose –Surveillance of Guard Cost