The PENV-350 is a reconnaissance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) capabilities designed for Surveillance and Coast Guard application. Requiring just a small space for vertical take-off or landing, the system does not require catapult launchers for deployment, making it robust and flexible in the field. The drone utilises a hybrid design, incorporating the speed and endurance of fixed-wing drones while maintaining the manoeuvrability, control and flexibility of multi-rotor designs.

The drone is powered by an electric engine capable of 2-3 hours of flight autonomy. However, the system is customizable and can be upgraded with a hybrid internal combustion (IC) engine capable of 6-8 hours of flight endurance. The PENV-350 is equipped with a water and dust resistant Electro-Optical/ Infrared-Red (EO/IR) camera, allowing for both day or night operation capability and improved visibility.

With a communications range of 20km to 150km depending on the configuration, an altitude celling of 6,000 meters, and flight endurance of up to 420 km, the PENV is designed for short-to-medium-range scouting and reconnaissance missions. The drone can also carry a payload of up to 5kg, further diversifying its in-field applications. Its motors are water-proof, dust resistant and outfitted with special protective covering. The UAV’s body is also water resistant and fully capable of landing on water, making it ideal for Cost Guard application or use in highly humid environments.